Healthy Inside

Beautiful Outside

What is beauty What is perfection? All of nature has one thing in common; Perfection is encoded throughout the universe. The beauty we see all around us is the perfection that is encoded in the universe represented as the golden ratio Phi Φ This perfection of the golden ratio in everything is an equation represented by the number PHI

This code called Phi Φ is in you and everything. From the proportions of the human body to your face to the spirals of the galaxies, and the tiny seashells on the beach, your own beautiful perfection is in you bring out the Phi Φ encoded in you with I am beautiful health

How to bring out the universal beautiful perfection already in you.. The proportions of your body, your face, your DNA is encoded with this perfection, Phi Φ. The beauty of universal perfection is already in you and you can bring out your own beautiful perfection with I Am Beautiful Health and aligning yourself with all that is beautiful in the universe.

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